Tandem Auto Air Remote Valve




Our Tandem Auto Air Remote Valve (AKA aquamatic valve [Empire]) is a pilot operated spring return diaphragm style remote valve.  It is designed for use with automatic type plunger valves.  Ideal for pressure hold and pressure release pots.  Also for use with bulk blasters configured for multiple operators.  First, figure out what size piping your pot has, Then pick the size you need from the drop down menu.  All valves have one single 1/8″ NPT (National Pipe Thread Taper) port on the “air in” side for your twinline.  The other 1/8″ port on the top of the valve is a safety pressure release.  A 50-504 breather vent should be purchased for this port.

You can use a simple pipe string configuration with simple ball valves and a Tandem Auto Air Valve or you can use in conjunction with inlet and exhaust valves like our Sola Inlet Valves and HiFlo Exhaust Valve.

Need a rebuild/repair kit?  Check in our Rebuild/Repair kit category under Replacement Parts for 30-803 and 30-806 (depending on what size valve you have).

2 Example of how to use the Auto Air Remote Valve:

 Above, you can see the Tandem Auto Air Remote Valve used on a pressure hold system.  It is used in conjunction with an abrasive metering valve such as our Corsa I or Corsa II valves.  Use this configuration to lighten the load on your compressor and have more instant blast when you depress the deadman.

As you can see in this illustration, the Tandem Auto Air Remote Valve is used on a pressure release system.  It is used in conjunction with an exhaust valve such as our Hiflo exhaust valve.  This makes refills easier and can employ a hopper system.  This is the type of blast system as our Empire Super Blaster 650 with 680 Controls.

OEM Equivalents:

  • 30-801 = Clemco 24074, Schmidt 2123-107, Empire 517052, Empire 88589, Marco 1013100, Axxiom 2123-107, Blast-It-All 14-158, IDS 888-2123-107PB, U.S. Filter 2123-107
  • 30-802 = Schmidt 2123-108, Empire 518243, Marco 1013200, Axxiom 2123-108, IDS 888-2123-108PB, U.S. Filter 2123-108
  • 30-805 = Marco 1013000, Axxiom 2321-106, Empire 88588, Empire 507042, IDS 888-2123-106PB, Schmidt 2123-106, U.S. Filter 2123-106

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #s:

  • 30-801 = 1-1/4″
  • 30-802 = 1-1/2″
  • 30-804 = 3/4″
  • 30-805 = 1″

Additional information

Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

(30-804) 3/4" Tandem Auto Air Remove Valve, (30-805) 1" Tandem Auto Air Remove Valve, (30-801) 1-1/4" Tandem Auto Air Remove Valve, (30-802) 1-1/2" Tandem Auto Air Remove Valve