1/8″ NPT Breather Vent


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You’ll find these 1/8 NPT Breather Vent s on things like our Corsa metering valves, Kombi combination valves,  and Tandem air valves.  Almost like a muffler, this little breather vent disperses air as it exits a valve.  On the Corsa, you will find this under the main twist cap.  On the Kombi valves, you will find this on the bottom of the valve.  Finally, on the Tandem air valves, it is NOT included with the valve but is suggested to be purchased with it.  This vent screws on the top of the piston cap of the Tandem air valve.

OEM Equivalent:

  • Clemco 07657
  • Schmidt 2014-300
  • Empire 523261
  • Axxiom 2014-300
  • IDS 888-2014-300PB
  • U.S. Filter 2014-300
  • Universal/Uniblast F122-010



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