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Safety is always top priority.  That’s way you should have a safety pin on every blast hose and air hose connection.  These Safety Clips or Cotter Pins or Safety Pins prevent couplings from separating; Keeping you and everyone safe.  Unless you have one of our Nylon hose couplings with built in safety clip, you’re going to need a safety clip.

Where to use a safety clip:

  • Start at the compressor.  Put a clip between your 2 or 4 lug air coupling and air hose coupling.
  • Air hose coupling and hose coupling on blast pot.
  • Tank coupling and hose coupling.
  • If multiple blast hoses, hose coupling and hose coupling.

As you can see, there are several areas you can add these safety pins to keep your job site safe.  Luckily, they are sold as a 100 pack!  Keep some extra’s just in case!

OEM Equivalent:

  • Graco 17D787
  • Empire 510511
  • Marco 1018002

Blue Dog Blasting SKU#

  • 80-102

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