SiAION Long Venturi Nozzle with Nylon Jacket and 1-1/4 inch Zinc Alloy Threads


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Are you currently using a Tungsten Carbide nozzle? Are you looking for something a little lighter?  Time to switch to a SiAION Long Venturi Nozzle!  SiAION is just as tough as Tungsten which means it will stand up to most blasting medias without any advanced wear.  Keep in mind, if you are blasting with silicon carbide, steel grit, or aluminum oxide, please consider a Boron Carbide nozzle.

Features of the SiAION Long Venturi Nozzle:

  • The high-performance BP200 SiAION nozzles by Kennametal are just as durable as tungsten carbide but are lighter in weight to reduce operator fatigue.
  • The long venturi style internally tapers the nozzle to accelerate and evenly distribute the abrasive over the entire blast pattern, yielding about a 40% greater production rate than the straight bore nozzle.
  • 1-1/4 inch threads made of Zinc Alloy.  This eliminates the possibility of the nozzle sticking together with the coupling due to like metals fusing together.  There are no Zinc Alloy couplings!
  • Protective polyurethane jacket.
  • Each nozzle comes with a washer (10-123).


  • Kennametal SN156-PZA

Blue Dog Blasting SKU’s:

  • 13-400 = 3/16, #3
  • 13-401 = 1/4, #4
  • 13-402 = 5/16, #5
  • 13-403 = 3/8, #6
  • 13-404 = 7/16, #7
  • 13-405 = 1/2, #8

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