Sandblasting Couplings

Blue Dog Blasting supplies high-quality sandblasting couplings in many sizes, styles and materials.

Here you will find categories for Hose Couplings, Nozzle Couplings, and Tank Couplings.  Each will have their own varieties within.

Pick from materials like Nylon, Steel, Aluminum, and Brass.  Also we match your hose coupling to the right size of hose, taking the guess work out of ID and OD, 2-ply or 4-ply.  If a coupling fits on the outside diameter of the hose, we tell you what size you need!

We have nozzle couplings in various materials as well as contractor thread, standard thread, and 3/4″ thread.  Pick the right nozzle holder for the nozzle you’re working with and make sure it fits the hose.  We label the nozzle holders the same as the hose couplings – based on the OD of the hose.  This ensures the right coupling for the job!

Don’t forget any spare parts like washers, gaskets, pins and screws!

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Want to see more about coupling materials?  Watch this!