Threaded Steel Tank Coupling

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The threaded steel tank coupling is made from steel with zinc plated surface finish. It is ideal for use in extremely harsh environments where there is the likelihood of corrosion.  Steel couplings are also suitable for most general blasting operations where the risk of impact damage is high.  Each tank coupling comes with a gasket.  See below for replacement gaskets.  Steel tank couplings have the same PSI rating as brass; 175 psi

Steel Tank Coupling Sizing:

15-501, and 15-502 feature 1/2″ threads for smaller blast pots.  They also have a smaller diameter opening and only link up with certain hose couplings.  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

*Use steel hose coupling 15-701 with 15-501.  These are small claw openings.  These items are for the 1-1/8″ OD hose only.

*Use steel hose coupling 15-705 or nylon hose coupling 15-605 with 15-502 as they are both medium claw openings.  They are also both for the 1-5/16″OD hose only.

14-544 has 1-1/4″ threads and 14-545 has 1-1/2″ threads.  These couplings both feature a larger “standard” opening.  You can use any other hose coupling for these tank couplings.  Click here for the steel counter part hose couplings.

Replacement gaskets:

For replacement gaskets for 15-501 use 15-900.

For replacement gaskets for 15-502 use 15-901.

For replacement gaskets for 14-544 and 14-545, use 14-902.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

(15-501) 1/2" Threads, (15-502) 1/2" Threads #2, (14-544) 1-1/4" Threads, (14-545) 1-1/2" Threads