Sandblasting nozzles are designed for different applications and materials.  Nozzles come in 3/4″ thread for lightweight jobs or blast cabinets, 1-1/4″ threads and 50mm Contractor threads for bigger blast applications. 

Nozzles are also made out of different materials.  We offer boron, tungsten carbide and SiAION nozzles here on the site.  We can order a nozzle if there’s something like ceramic that is not listed for you.  

There are also specialty nozzles like our sidewinder (angle) nozzles and the XL, big gun, or high performance nozzles depending on what you call them!  If you need something not listed, let us know and we’ll see if we can order it for you.  We proudly carry Kennametal nozzles.

Not sure what nozzle is right for you? Call 888-667-6756 or email to speak with one of our experts today.