Brass Hose Coupling



Sandblasting Brass Hose Coupling is a strong and tough metal with corrosion resistance and ductile. Because brass doesn’t rust and it is highly resistant to corrosion, this is what makes the couplings great for wet blasting. With that being said, rust and corrosion rapidly speed up the natural wear and tear process on the fitting. Therefore, when you are looking for long-lasting fittings, brass is the best material for the job. Something to also consider, brass has a very high tolerance to elevated temperatures. Therefore, if you are in an environment where the temperatures are high  No need to worry, each blast hose coupling comes with a gasket and compatible screws for quick and easy assembly. Also, each are sized to fit the appropriate hose and have internal ribs to help “thread” onto the hose and to hold tight during operation. Rated for 175 PSI.

OEM Equivalent:

  • 14-752 (Q-1-BR)
    • Clemco 00563
    • Dustless Blasting  80836/001
    • Schmidt 4213-305
    • Marco 10QBR1
    • A-BEC 181-0514
    • Axxiom 4213-305
    • IDS Q-1-BR
    • U.S. Filter 4213-305
  • 14-753 (Q-2-BR)
    • Clemco 00564
    • Graco 17L275
    • Dustless Blasting 80837/001
    • Schmidt 4213-306
    • Axxiom 4213-306
    • IDS Q-2-BR
  • 14-755 (Q-3-BR)
    • Clemco 00565
    • Graco 17L273
    • Schmidt 4213-307
    • Axxiom 4213-307
    • IDS Q-3-BR
  • 14-756 (Q-4-BR)
    • Clemco 00566
    • Schmidt 4213-308
    • Axxiom 4213-308
    • IDS Q-4-BR

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #s with Corresponding Hose Sizes:

More information:

Sandblasting Brass Hose Coupling – YouTube Video:

Sandblast Coupling Stress Test

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