1-1/2 inch Air Hose




1-1/2 inch air supply hose by Continental® has a 1.5″ ID and 1.98″ OD.  The Continental Frontier is an economical hose for a wide range of industrial, construction and agricultural applications. We use it to move compressed hose air from your compressor to your blast pot.  Also found on blast pots as a pusher line to move hose air from the inlet side to the metering valve.

The hose air line construction incorporates a tube that is compatible with light oil mists found in air tool lubricating systems, and the multiple plies of textile reinforcement provide flexibility. The red cover is resistant to abrasion, heat and ozone.

Features of Continental® air supply hose:

Continental® hose has tubular interior walls constructed of EPDM synthetic Rubber with an ARPM Class C rating (limited oil resistance). The same is true about the Cover of the airline, EPDM synthetic rubber on the outside. Reinforced by high tensile spiral synthetic yarn braided in between the layers, this means the line can withstand up to 200 psi of pressure. The materials that make up this hose allows for us between the temperatures of – 40°F and 210 °F. Continental® Air hose is not meant for use with oil or refined fuel. With that being said, it is a versatile general-purpose airline designed to handle air, mild chemicals and water


Continental Frontier 200

OEM Equivalents:

Schmidt 4102-008

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #s:


Use the sandblasting air hose with larger blast pots that have at least a 1-1/4  inch pipe string.  This line works with 4 lug fittings, NOT 2 lug fittings.  As you make your supply lines, please use the following parts:

Making a 4 lug supply line from the compressor:

Making pusher lines:

55-704 Swivel insert

55-708 Double bolt clamp

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