Nylon Nozzle Coupling with 2″ Contractor (50mm) Threads


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Contractor Thread Nylon Nozzle Couplings make changing nozzle easy with out threads binding.

The Contractor Thread Nylon Nozzle Coupling is made from a rugged nylon composite. It is lighter in weight and withstands abrasives better than aluminum blast nozzle holder, which is the industry standard.  Clemco and Schmidt regularly use these 50mm contractor thread nozzle holders.  Each nozzle coupling comes with screws and a washer for quick assembly.  As with any coupling, make sure you have a straight cut edge on your hose.  Push the hose all the way in so that the nozzle or nozzle washer makes a good seal with the hose.

OEM Equivalent:

  • 14-301 = Clemco 04106, A-BEC 188-5892, IDS MHE-1-NY
  • 14-302 = Clemco 04127, Schmidt 4215-506, A-BEC 188-5007, Axxiom 4215-506, IDS MHE-2-NY, U.S. Filter 4215-506
  • 15-303 = Clemco 04128, Schmidt 4215-507, A-BEC 188-5008, Axxiom 4215-507, IDS MHE-3-NY, U.S. Filter 4215-507

More info:

Check out the Contractor vs. Standard thread article in our Learning Center to see if the Contractor Thread Nylon Nozzle Coupling is your best option.

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