1-1/4″ WYE Pipe


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This 1-1/4″ WYE Pipe is a threaded Y fitting made for the Plana II Flat Sand Valve or other Flat Sand Valves.  It features 1-1/4″ standard threads on all three ends which  connects with the Plana II Barrel nipple to the bottom of the valve for the perfect flow of air/grit mix to your blast hose.  Put a 1-1/4″ tank coupling on your exit side to hook to your blast hose.  The 1-1/4″ WYE pipe’s last end hooks to your pusher line.

1-1/4″ WYE Pipe OEM Equivalent:

  • Clemco 01818
  • Axxiom 3012-107
  • IDS 888-3012-107PB
  • Schmidt 3012-107
  • U.S. Filter 3012-107

Compatible Part Reference Guide:

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  • 30-502

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in