Abraflo II Abrasive Trap


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The Abraflo Abrasive trap two incorporates a cyclonic configuration, reverse flow purge and lower hopper with drain out port. Particles are trapped in an internal screen during depressurization preventing wear on the exhaust valve, like the HiFlo exhaust valve.  Just replace the abrasive trap screen every once in a while and save big on exhaust valves.

Features of the Abraflo II Abrasive Trap:

  • Lower storage hopper
  • Quick release drain port
  • Quick release cap for screen changes and maintenance
  • Blow down valve on lower chamber for quick purging,
  • 1 inch NPT threaded connections
  • Comes with 1 screen

OEM Equivalent:

  • Clemco 02011
  • A-BEC 354-0644
  • IDS 100-3530

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #:

  • 25-101
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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in