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Electric Deadman Conversion Kit will change your deadman system from pneumatic to electric in 5 minutes.

It is strongly suggested that you use an electric deadman conversion kit system instead of a pneumatic system when blasting more than 100 feet away from the blast pot.  Because compressed air travels through the twinline to the deaman and then back to the pot, stopping blasting can take several seconds and increases the further away from the blast pot you get.   If something were to happen to the operator, this could become a very dangerous situation.  Shorten the time of that situation by converting to an electric deadman system.

Our system is set up for a 12 volt connection.  That means there are alligator clips to hook to a 12 volt battery; Like the one on your compressor! (wink wink)

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • Weatherproof control box
  • 1 AirStop II electric deadman control handle (50-108)
  • 197 feet of electric control cable
  • Control valve solenoids
  • and all needed connectors.

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Still Sound Daunting?  Watch how easy it is:

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