Abrasive Trap Screen for Abraflo II


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Do you have one of our Abraflo II Abrasive Traps?  You should!!!  This trap will save your exhaust valve.  Just change out the Abrasive Trap Screen in the abrasive trap and stop abrasive from eating away at your exhaust valve.  Or, if you’d rather change exhaust valves over and over, check out our Hiflo 1″ exhaust valve!!!

Let’s brake it down.  It’s suggested that you check the abrasive trap screen on your abrasive trap daily.  Sounds a little extreme, but here’s why.  When your blast pot depressurizes, media and dust WILL come with that air.  The abrasive trap is there to catch this media before it destroys the exhaust valve.  These screens are about $12.  Our Hiflo exhaust valve is almost $100.  If you check your screen/trap routinely and replace it as necessary, you’ll be putting in a $12 part to save a $100 part.  Sounds like good math to me!

OEM Equivalent for the Abrasive Trap Screen:

  • Clemco 02012, 02011
  • IDS 100-3530

Blue Dog Blasting SKU#:

  • 25-102

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in