Schmidt Pop Up and Seat Ring

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Pop up valves and seat rings are found in the opening where you pour your abrasive into the blast pot.  These do wear out eventually and your pot can have problems pressurizing because this seal has been broken.  This pop up features a 5-15/16″ stem to go inside the air piping inside the blast machine (can be cut if smaller needed.). Use this Schmidt Pop Up and Seat Ring can be used on Schmidt pots 3 cu/ft and larger.

This Schmidt Pop Up and Seat Ring Features:

  • Durable vulcanized rubber mushroom head for creating a seal against a seat ring (mushroom head is approximately 5-1/8 inches wide)
  • Steel sleeve to slide inside of the internal air pipe (approximately 7/8 inches wide x 5-15/16 inches tall)
  • Overall length of pop-up is approximately 9-1/2 inches
  • Seat ring is made of heavy duty rubber and is squared off
  • Seat ring is approximately 3/4 in. thick, has an inside diameter of 3-3/4 in. and an outside diameter of 5-1/2 inches.

OEM Equivalents:

  • Pop Up 25-116: Schmidt 2100-010, Blast-it-all 16-840, IDS 888-2100-010PB
  • Seat Ring 25-117: Schmidt 2100-011, Blast-it-all 16-839, IDS 888-2100-011PB


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25-116 Pop Up, 25-117 Seat Ring