Boron Long Venturi Nozzle with Aluminum Jacket and 1-1/4″ NPSM Aluminum Threads



The Boron Long Venturi Nozzle is basically the same as our Tungsten Carbide Long venturi and our SiALON Long Venturi Nozzles in size and shape.  They have the same 1″ entry in a flanged design with 1-1/4 inch threads (Contact us to order in contractor thread).  The big difference is that they are made with Boron on the inside.  If you remember from the Nozzle Material Guide in our learning center, Boron lasts 5 to 10 times longer than the SialON and Tungsten nozzles.  That means these nozzles will last 5-10 longer but they don’t cost 5-10 times more!  Since they are long venturi, they offer a 40% increase in production over a straight bore nozzle.


  • Kennametal  BLVE series

OEM Boron Long Venturi Nozzle Equivalent:

  • (11-303) Clemco BSD-4 / 01419, P&G 731-040, IDS 101-4190, Norton 4V5-407K, Marco 10BC4M
  • (11-304) Clemco BSD-5 / 01420, P&G 731-050, IDS 101-4200, Norton 5V6-507K, Marco 10BC5M
  • (11-305) Clemco BSD-6 / 01421, P&G 731-060, IDS 101-4210, Norton 6V7-607K, Marco 10BC6M
  • (11-306) Clemco BSD-7 / 01422, P&G 731-070, IDS 101-4220, Norton 7V8-707K, Marco 10BC7M
  • (11-307) Clemco BSD-8 / 01423, P&G 731-080, IDS 101-4230, Norton 8V9-807K, Marco 10BC8M


All of these nozzles have aluminum 1-1/4 threads and a aluminum jacket.  It is NOT recommended to use an aluminum nozzle holder with these brass threaded nozzles.  Instead, please consider purchasing a Nylon Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads or an Brass Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads (coming soon) to accommodate these nozzles.

For replacement washers, please use 10-123 (1″ nozzle entry).

Boron nozzles are great if you are blasting with silicon carbide, steel grit, or aluminum oxide.  Although these nozzles will handle those hard materials better, they are also more fragile so please don’t drop them.  If the blast nozzle you need is not in stock, Contact Us to place your order.

More Info:

Check out our nozzle material guide for more information about nozzles.  You can also watch our YouTube video on the topic:

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