NECO® 4 Bolt Hose Clamps


**Select your required 4 bolt clamp below**


4 Bolt Clamp is specifically made to work with the Air supply Hose and the 4 lug hose end.  It is made out of plated ductile iron for superior strength.  Insert the barbed shank end of the 4 lug hose end into the air supply hose and then hold secure with a 4 bolt clamp.  The special lip molded into the hose end holds the clamp securely in place.  Alternate tightening the four bolts until they are all tight.  This will keep both sides of the clamp equally tight so as to create a good pressure seal.   Stay Safe by using a whip check cable around your air hose and equipment.  And don’t forget to put a pin in it!!!


Compatible Part Reference guide

4 Bolt Hose Clamps:


1-1/2″ Hose Clamp

55-107 1-1/2″ air supply hose

55-612 1-1/2″ hose end

55-520 4 lug FNPT

55-901 4 air coupling rubber gasket



OEM Equivalents

Marco 10BU22


Blue Dog Blasting SKU


1-1/4″ 4 Bolt Clamp

One and a Quarter air supply hose

Four lug hose end

4 lug FNPT

4 lug air coupling rubber gasket


NECO 62BC100

OEM Equivalents

IDS BC-100

Blue Dog Blasting SKU


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