Safe Systems Deadman Bat/Ball and Chain




The Safe Systems Bat/Ball and chain is made for the Safe Systems Electric Deadman Control Switch.   Either the ball and chain or the bat and chain is used to alleviate operator fatigue.  This is accomplished fairly easily.  The chain portion has a loop to put your hand through so it sits on your wrist.  The ball or the bat would then go under the deadman switch to turn it on.  There is a small groove pre-formed in these Safe Systems deadmen to retain the ball or bat.  This keeps the switch in the “on” position so the operator does not have to keep the switch depressed with their thumb.

If the operator should drop the blast hose, the ball or bat would pull out of the switch because it’s hooked to the operator’s wrist by the chain.  This would turn the system off.   This allows blasters to stop blasting immediately, when and if they need to do so. This improves worker safety and reduces the operator fatigue.

Give your front line blasters the control they need, without sacrificing safety.

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #s:
  • 50-114 Ball and Chain
  • 50-115 Bat and Chain
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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .25 in

(50-114) Ball and Chain, (50-115) Bat and Chain