Brass Nozzle Coupling with 2″ Contractor (50mm) Threads




The Brass Nozzle Coupling features 50mm or 2″ contractor threads.  These are made from a moderately strong and tough brass with corrosion resistance and ductility. Rated for 175PSI. They are extremely resilient and therefore, ideal for projects where there is the possibility of damage.  You’ll also hear these called a blast nozzle holder.   Each nozzle coupling comes with screws for quick assembly.  Match your coupling with the correct size hose by the drop down menu.  We use the OD so there are no mistakes!

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2″ Brass Nozzle Coupling Equivalents:

14-101 (13BRMHE1)

Schmidt 4250-305

Axxiom 4250-305


U.S. Filter 4250-305


14-102 (13BRMHE2)

Schmidt 4250-306

Graco 17L274

Axxiom 4250-306


U.S. Filter 4250-306


14-103 (13BRMHE3)

Schmidt 4250-307

Axxiom 4250-307


U.S. Filter 4250-307


14-104 (13BRMHE4)

Schmidt 4250-308

Axxiom 4250-308


U.S. Filter 4250-308


These nozzle couplings are contractor thread to protect against cross-threading issues while on the job site.  Make sure you get a contractor (50mm) thread nozzle to go with your new coupling!  We have several to choose from.  Click here for our Contractor nozzle section.

More info:

Replacements and Compatibles:

For replacement washers, check out item 10-123 in our replacement parts category.

For an alternative to brass, we also carry 2″ contractor thread nozzle couplings in Nylon and Aluminum

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

14-101 for 1-1/2" OD Hose, 14-102 for 1-7/8" OD Hose, 14-103 for 2-5/32" OD Hose, 14-104 for 2-3/8" OD Hose