Nozzle Washer (10 Pack)


These washers are available in four (4) different sizes.   Check the drop down menu for size and compatibility for standard 1-1/4″ thread nozzle holders, 3/4″ thread nozzle holders, and the Nylon 2″ contractor thread nozzle holders.  Also find 1″ nozzle entry and 1-1/4″ nozzle entry variations.  All Nozzle Washers are supplied in pack of ten (10), and are suitable for use with most OEM nozzle couplings available today.


The nozzle washer (10 Pack) is designed to fit in the nozzle coupling and provide a seal between the rear face of the blast nozzle and nozzle coupling. Correct sealing between the nozzle coupling and blast nozzle is vital to prevent premature wear of both the nozzle and the nozzle coupling.

Each washer is manufactured from molded natural rubber.  All Blue Dog nozzle washers feature a pliable, yet durable, shore hardness of 65-70.   Please read to find the correct washer replacement for your nozzle holder.

Washer 10-120 (1/2″ nozzle entry)

Washer 10-121 (1″ nozzle entry):

Washer 10-122 (1-1/4″nozzle entry):

  • To be used with nylon nozzle holders with 2″ contractor thread when your nozzle has a 1-1/4″ entry.  That would be any of our contractor thread nozzles not listed in 10-121.
  • Molded with a special lip for the nylon 2″ contractor thread nozzle holders.

Washer 10-123 (1″ nozzle entry)

 OEM Equivalents:
  • 10-120 = Empire 524052, Trinco 2-02055, Clemco 21580, A-BEC 190-1909
  • 10-122 = Clemco 91024, Clemco 91026, Graco 17L119
  • 10-123 = Empire 524062, Empire 14114, Clemco 21583, Clemco 00869

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