RPB® T-Link Respirator

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The RPB® T-Link Respirator was designed to move with you, not against you.  It transforms how you work, advancing your safety and increasing productivity.  The large visor enables you to see your surroundings and this respirator comes with the Tychem 2000 hood that securely attaches to the bump cap assembly, ensuring your downward and peripheral vision is never compromised.  The soft breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar ensures maximized comfort and helps to direct air down your body for cooling.  Furthermore, the included bump cab assembly is fitted with a padded headliner and suspension system to evenly distribute weight to enhance comfort.  No more aches and strains on your neck!  This is also fully adjustable to fit all head sizes, maximize stability, and ensures the respirator moves with your movements.

The T-Link respirator is great for painters, powder coaters, chemical handlers, and even dentists, pharmacists, and those in the medical field.  Certified in so many categories, you should just click the link at the bottom to see them all!  This particular set-up is for supplied air, which means your breathing air is supplied by your compressor.

Included with the RPB® T-Link Respirator:

  • Constant Flow Valve (RPB-03-101)
  • Breathing Air Tube (RPB-04-833)
  • Bump Cap Assembly (RPB-17-110)
  • Tychem 2000 Hood (RPB-17-712)


  • 17-111-12

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  • RPB-17-111-12

Compatible Part Reference Guide when using supplied air (air compressor):

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 11 in