RPB® Nova 3 Blast Helmet

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RPB® Nova 3 blast hood (Helmet) is an advance sandblasting hood on the RPB® Nova 2000 in comfort and functionality.  Customizable to suit individual needs, which further enhances employees’ performance.

RPB® Nova 3 Blast Hood Certifications include:

NIOSH, CE, ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z89.1.

As a heavy breathing air respirator , the Nova 3 Helmet is designed to advance safety and productivity.

Nova 3 Helmet Features:

Nova 3 Blast Helmet features a ratchet adjustable neck pad ensures appropriate head support. The molded inner ‘Clever fit padding’ design helps absorb sound, protect hearing, and is fully adjustable.  It allows for unique customization to correctly fit all users and is easily removable.  As an added bonus, the padding is also washable!

Revolutionary weightless design hood for sandblasting that distributes weight evenly across the head and shoulders.

One-click lens replacement.  Save time replacing the inner, outer, and tear off lenses.

And don’t forget all the upgrades like helmet lights and communication systems!  (not yet listed, but are offered.  Contact us for more details)

Nova 3 Blast Hood Blue Dog SKUs:

  • RPB-NV3-702-50 – Nova 3 helmet with flow control, 3′ breathing tube, and 28″ nylon cape (OEM NV3-702-50)
  • RPB-NV3-703-50 – Nova 3 helmet with Cool air tube, 3′ breathing tube, and 28″ nylon cape (OEM NV3-703-50)
  • RPB-NV3-704-50 – Nova 3 helmet with Hot air tube, 3′ breathing tube, and 28″ nylon cape (OEM NV3-704-50)
  • RPB-NV3-705-50 – Nova 3 helmet with C40 climate controls, 3’breathing tube, and 28″ nylon cape (OEM# NV3-705-50)

RPB® Nova 3 Respirator OEM Equivalent:

  • NV3-702-50  Empire 537803
  • NV3-703-50  Empire 537883
  • NV3-705-50  Dustless Blasting 134862/001

Need more information?  Check out RPB’s site.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 12 in

(RPB-NV3-702-50) Nova 3 w/ flow control, (RPB-NV3-703-50) Nova 3 w/ Cool air tube, (RPB-NV3-704-50) Nova 3 w/ Hot air tube, (RPB-NV3-705-50) Nova 3 w/ C40 duel climate control