Enduroguard Electric Cable




Enduroguard Electric Cable are tough, flexible and UL Recognized.  These electrical cables has been field tested, and furthermore, proven to outlast and outperform conventional cable*.

Enduroguard Electric Cable:

  • A special formulation of polyurethane provides:
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Cut resistance
    • Tear resistance
    • Flexibility, even at freezing temperatures
    • UL compliance
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Excellent tensile strength
    • Resistance to elongation
    • Flame retardant
  • Extra thick polyurethane jacket provides:
    • Extra protection for the conductors
    • More “cushion” for bending around corners
    • Excellent shock absorption
  • Tinned copper conductors provide:
    • Extra strength for the conductors
    • Easier solder connections
    • More positive solder connections
    • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Twisted, stranded wire provides:
    •  Less conductor breakage
    • 10% more conductor per foot than solid conductor cable

Blue Dog Blasting SKU#s:

We offer Two versions of the Enduroguard electric cable.  Most importantly, both of them are 18 gauge wire for heavy duty blasting!

Available here in pre-set lengths but can be cut to custom lengths.  Contact us to customize your needs.


The Enduroguard cable listed here is sold cable only due to the variety of electrical connections on the market today.  We will offer male and female connectors soon.

More information about Enduroguard Electric Cable:

For more information, check out the manufacturer’s brochure.

*In tests by an independent testing lab, using the Taber Linear Abraser with Wearaser, the Enduroguard© jacket compound mixture was found to have more than double the abrasion resistance of its competition.  The extra thick jacket increases this advantage to more than three times.

Need electrical ends?  Use our electrical plug and connector ends with the 50-401 2-wire electrical cord.

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Enduroguard Cable

(50-401) 18-2 Blue, (50-402) 18-3 Green


105 ft., 130 ft, 155 ft, 180 ft, 205 ft