Blow Down Hose Assembly



The Blue Dog Blow Down Hose Assembly is a necessity when using a Combo valve like our Kombi 1, Kombi 2, or Kombi 3.  Simply feet the hose through the exhaust side of your combination valve and screw into the exhaust port of your blast pot.  It’s that easy!


  • 3 feet of 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ 4-ply Thunderblast blast hose is used for the blow down hose assembly.
  • 1 aluminum coupling rated for 150 psi.  Has 1-1/4″ threads to screw to the pot.
  • Comes pre-assembled (aka coupling is screwed onto the hose!!!)

OEM Equivalent:

  • Schmidt 4115-005


  • 16-228

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