Twin line hose 3/16 with Clemco hose ends




3/16″ Twin line hose with Clemco reusable hose ends come together to make our Clemco Twin Line Hose.  Use this hose to connect to the deadman to remotely start and stop blasting.   This 3/16″ yellow twin line hose is also known as duel line hose.  Clemco fittings are the same size, unlike the Empire and Schmidt fittings.  There are four fittings on each twin line hose.  These fittings are reusable since they aren’t secured with a crimp ring like Empire/Schmidt twin line.  Our twin lines come 5 feet longer than the blast hose for ease of use;  Either 30 feet (50-311) or 55 feet (50-312).

Spare parts list:

OEM Equivalent:

  • Clemco 02128
  • Clemco 01951
  • Marco 10TL25
  • Marco 10TL50

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