2 Lug Male NPT


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The 2 Lug Male NPT coupling has male NPT threads to screw onto your machine or devise.  The 2 lug end matches up with the 2 lug hose end that you would have on a 1 inch air supply hose.   In other words, the male end would go on the machine and the 2 lug end would receive your air line.

This 2 Lug Male NPT coupling comes in 5 sizes; 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch.  All of them are made out of plated ductile iron and all have the same size 2 lug end.  At this time, we are only stocking the 1 inch coupling.  Please feel free to contact us to order a different size.

***Use this item with the Radex Airline Filter to connect with the rest of our air hose components.

Stay Safe by using a safety pin in the pre-drilled hole on the 2 lug side.  Stay even safer by using a whip check cable around your air hose and equipment.

Compatible Part Reference guide for the 2 Lug Male NPT:

  • 55-105 One inch air supply hose
  • 55-626 Two bold clamp
  • 55-604 Two lug hose end
  • 55-506 Two lug female NPT
  • 55-509 Two lug three way
  • 55-902 Two lug air coupling rubber gasket
  • 60-121 One inch closed galvanized steel nipple


  • NECO 21DPME100

OEM Equivalents:

  • Schmidt 4208-106, Marco 10ME2

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #:

  • 55-516

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