Operator Review of Farrow Flow® Insert for Abrasive Blasting

Farrow Flow Insert Test Screenshot

Operator Review of Farrow Flow® Insert for Abrasive Blasting

If someone told you they could install a product on my sandblast equipment in minutes, and it would both improve your production by at least 25% and create a wider blast pattern, what would you say?

If it were me a few weeks ago, I would say “That’s not possible.”  That was my exact reaction when I was approached recently by a sandblaster who told me his experience with the Farrow Flow® Insert. He explained that the Insert can be installed anywhere between the compressor and metering valve, and it creates a tornado effect through the airlines that increases blast speed, reduces media consumption and creates a larger blast pattern. 

Reluctantly, I requested a demo Insert from the manufacturer and set up a test with a local powder coater to see if any of these claims were true. The first test blew my mind and made me a believer. The Insert yielded a 50-60% improvement on blast speed and significantly larger blast pattern. Additionally, as I started to uninstall the Insert, I was stopped by the operator with a loud, “Leave that there.” He wanted to purchase my used Insert so he could continue blasting with the product.

Low Pressure Tests With a Farrow Flow® Insert for Abrasive Blasting

Still not believing what I had seen in the first test, I decided to set up a low pressure test a few days later. Many abrasive blasting operators I know have air problems. This might include not having enough compressed air to run 90-100 PSI at the nozzle, which really determines if this product is good for the average sandblaster. To test how the Insert assists sandblasters using low pressure, we set up the Empire Blast pot (which you can find here and here) for two tests. One test used a #5 XL Nozzle, and the second used a #4 Double Venturi Nozzle.  We ran approximately 75-80 PSI on both tests and didn’t change any other settings on the pot. Each test validated my first trial with the Farrow Flow® Insert by lowering the cycle time by over 30%. #5 XL Nozzle with Farrow Flow® Insert Test

#4 Double Venturi Nozzle with Farrow Flow® Insert Test

Farrow Flow Insert Test Screenshot

Abrasive Blasting Success with Farrow Flow® Insert

The Farrow Flow® Insert has truly been a game changer for my sandblasters and me. After running several tests, I’m confident the Insert can bring more efficiency and productivity to your abrasive blasting process too.

Benefits of Farrow Flow® Insert in Your Abrasive Blasting Process

  • Can be used on all wet, dry and dry ice blast systems
  • Installation complete in a few short minutes
  • At least 25% FASTER than regular blasting processes
  • Less Abrasive Consumption
  • Lower emissions/Less Energy required

How to Purchase the Farrow Flow® Insert

Blue Dog Blasting sells the Farrow Flow® Insert on our website, which you can find here. Aside from the Insert, Blue Dog has all of the blast parts, equipment and expertise you need for your next blasting project. Explore our entire selection at www.BlueDogBlasting.com. Need help finding a specific product? Don’t see what you need? Want to talk through your specific project needs? Contact us at 888-667-6756 or sales@bluedogblasting.com. Our team is ready and happy to assist you.