Farrow Flow Insert 1-1/4″ NPT

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Farrow Flow Insert is a Sandblasting Enhancing Accessory designed to be easily installed into the air outlet of any blast machine. State of the art technology that twists the air in a vortex motion creating an optimal mixture at the nozzle. THE RESULT, 25% wider spread at the nozzle while saving 25% in time, media, and fuel consumption. The Farrow Flow Insert works on dry blast pots, wet abrasive pots, dry ice blasters, blast cabinets and blast rooms. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from the manufacture.

Farrow Flow Insert – Sandblasting Enhancing Equipment (Accessory)

The science on how it works:

 Creating a helical pattern in the air flow, Farrow FLOW® patented technology converts a small amount of pressure to increased velocity when added to traditional straight line blast pot air input.  Pressure is increased by the spinning motion created inside of the blast pipe as the media and air mixture travels toward the nozzle.  Rotating flow similar to that of a tornado.  Science known as vortex flow. Vortex flow is what causes the mixture to be pushed to the interior walls of the blast pipe before exiting the nozzle. This creates dramatically visible results when the mixture vents to atmosphere as the vortex flow media mixture exits the nozzle. This will cause the Nozzle to produce a wider and more consistent spread at a higher velocity. Faster, less cleanup, less media by at least 25%.

Farrow Flow® Insert Specifications:

Length: 2.56″

Width: 2.43″

Height: 3.84″

Weight: 6.4 oz

Each Unit Includes: 1-1/4″ NPT

Farrow Flow® Installation for Farrow Flow Insert

  1. Stop compressor air to the Blast Pot.
  2. After shutting off the compressor, make sure the Blast Pot is depressurized.
  3. Using a pipe wrench, unfasten air pipe coupling from ball valve.
  4. Insert Farrow Flow between ball valve and the air pipe coupling to the air pipe as shown. Hand TIGHTEN ONLY!
  5. Start compressor and pressurize system.
  6. After 10 minutes of use, hand tighten insert again since heat will cause expansion.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: Dosing valve should be adjusted after installation since less media will be needed to blast.
Farrow Flow Insert
Farrow Flow


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