Sandblasting Nozzle Wear & Tear Guide

different nozzles

All sandblasting nozzles have limited life spans and choosing the cheapest option may not always be the best option.

But what’s delivers the best bang for your buck?

Ceramic Nozzles

Ceramic nozzles have been a staple in the blasting industry since the beginning. They perform well with softer abrasives but, inevitably wear out quicker with today’s advanced abrasives. In fact, you’ll go through approximately 100 ceramic nozzles in the same time frame as seven tungsten-carbide nozzles or a single boron-carbide nozzle. At Blue Dog Blasting, we want to provide you with quality materials for all your sandblasting projects. For this reason, we don’t sell ceramic nozzles.

Tungsten-Carbide Nozzles

Tungsten (and lightweight SIAION) nozzles are very popular in today’s abrasive blasting marketing. These nozzles are much harder than the traditional ceramic nozzles and are a great choice for harder cutting and more aggressive abrasives.

Boron-Carbide Nozzles

Boron-carbide nozzles are the longest wearing of all the commonly-used nozzles. Many can be put-off by the higher initial price for boron-carbide nozzles. But, while these nozzles can outlast a tungsten-carbide nozzle seven times over, they don’t cost the same as seven tungsten-carbide nozzles. In fact, the pricing level is very close. This makes boron-carbide nozzles the more economical choice for most applications.

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