Nozzle Shape

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Nozzle Shape


The right abrasive sandblasting nozzle shape can drastically improve your workplace efficiency.  Nozzle shape can vary your blast pattern, change the hot spot, or increase velocity.

It is all about how you maintain high pressure throughout the blasting process. A worn out nozzle cuts your pressure down substantially, right at the point of exit. If your nozzle displays any signs of wear and tear such as an enlarged orifice or corrosion from within, don’t wait to replace! Blue Dog Blasting offers a selection of sandblasting nozzles designed for maximum pressure release and an optimum lifespan. If you can choose the proper shape and nozzle material, you can start saving time and money at the blast site.

Nozzle shape

Nozzle shape refers to the path inside of the nozzle. Blue Dog Blasting offers several nozzle shapes: straight bore, Long Venturi, Short Venturi and Double Venturi.

Straight bore:

The inner path is a straight and narrow line. Straight bore nozzles deliver a tight stream of blasting media in a concentrated pattern. Best uses include: spot blasting, weld-shaping, and other intricate work. Due to the narrow nature of this stream, this is not designed for larger surfaces.  You may even want to be work close to what you’re blasting.

Long Venturi nozzles:

This inner pathway changes from wide to narrow back to wide prior to the exit point. This design delivers an accelerated and wider blast steam. This nozzle is perfect as an all-purpose nozzle and has a 40% higher production rate compared to the straight bore nozzle.  These also come in the XL or High Performance sizes.  This increases velocity even more as the abrasive exits the nozzle.

Short Venturi nozzles:

The inner pathway works the same as the Long Venturi, but puts the bottle neck closer to the orifice.  This make it ideal for blasting less than 12 inches away from your surface.  The media exits in a wide blast pattern making it optimal for either close blasting operations or a blast cabinet.

Double Venturi nozzles:

This inner pathway is similar to the Long Venturi except that it is extra wide at the exit point and has holes at the tip. The holes draw in additional pressure and lead to a much wider blast pattern.  This induction of air through the nozzle disperses the hot spot giving you a more even blast pattern.

In addition to the standard sandblasting nozzles, Blue Dog offers angle, fan, and water induction nozzles for specialty blasting projects. The inner path on these attachments vary. View the product descriptions for more information.