Fina II Abrasive Metering Valve


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The Fina II Low Profile Microvalve retains all the durability and precise control of its predecessor, Fina 1, and incorporates new features for increased nipple life and simpler cleaning and maintenance.  This plunger style MPV valve is great for making small adjustments to your air/abrasive blast mix.  Use this valve for pressure release blast pots or in conjunction with a pinch valve to create a pressure hold system.

Features of the Fina II Low Profile Microvalve:

  • Hardened steel plunger and urethane sleeve
  • Urethane plunger sleeve for smooth operation
  • Compatible with all abrasives
  • Various pipe nipple sizes available
  • 1″ media drain out port
  • Externally fastened pipe nipple preventing premature wear
  • Quick release plunger assembly
  • Media adjustment indicator

More Info:

The pipe nipple that comes on this unit is 1-1/4″ male NPT on one side and 1-1/2″ male NPT on the other.  The feed port for attaching to the pot is 1-1/4″.  For other sizes or replacement nipples, See 30-120, 30-121, and 30-122

For repair kits, see part # 30-105.

To find out more about what is meant by “plunger style valve,” check out our YouTube video. 

Fina II OEM Equivalent:

  • Schmidt 2125-107
  • Schmidt 2127-107
  • IDS 888-2126-107pB

Blue Dog Blasting SKU#:

  • 30-104

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