PanBlast™ 2 Ply Blast Hose 1-1/2″ ID X 2-3/16″ OD



This 1-1/2 ID X 2-3/16 OD 2 Ply Blast Hose makes a great choice for any blasting situation.  We have 4 length options (10, 25, 50, and 100 feet) as well as bulk roll quantity of 200ft (the 200 ft roll will not ship UPS and will require different freight that we quote to get you the best price.  Please contact us to purchase this length.

1-1/2 ID X 2-3/16 OD 2 ply blast hose (15-150) is a large inside diameter sandblast hose made with two liners: an abrasive resistant natural rubber liner consisting of two layers and a high tensile, textile cord reinforced liner. The cover of the hose is weather, ozone, and abrasive resistant.  With the same inside diameter as our 4-ply 1-1/2″, this is a great choice for a whip hose.  Use a 10 foot section as the nozzle end of your blast hose to lighten the load of a heavy 4-ply hose.  With the same inside diameter, you shouldn’t see an increase in wear time.  Plus, this makes life easier on your operator; And a happy operator is a productive operator!  Working Pressure: 217 psi. *Length may vary by +/- 6 inches.

Compatible Part Reference Guide:

  • 15-603 Nylon hose Coupling
  • 15-801 Aluminum hose coupling
  • 15-103 Nylon nozzle holder – 1-1/4 thread
  • 15-303 Nylon nozzle holder – 50mm, contractor thread
  • 14-204 Aluminum nozzle holder – 1-1/4 thread
  • 15-403 Aluminum nozzle holder – 50mm, contractor thread
  • Don’t forget your twin line!!

Need help picking the right hose for the job? Read more here. OR watch more here.

Are you a distributor interested in our 200 foot bulk rolls?  We would love to be your vendor.  Contact us to set things up.

Blue Dog SKU:

  • 15-151 = 10 ft
  • 15-152 = 25 ft
  • 15-153 = 50 ft
  • 15-154 = 100 ft
  • 15-155 = 200 ft bulk roll

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