Radex® Micro Mist Filter

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Radex® Micro Mist Filter – 1/2″ Port, Removes oil and moisture that could potentially permeate and corrupt CO sensors. Oil in the sensors can cause dangerous malfunctions, but more importantly, it can also damage the lungs. Recommended for the user who has known moisture problems coming from the compressor. Component attached at the connection between the  Radex® airline filter and the compressor Air Hose Coupling. Helps to Remove hydrocarbons.

Radex® Micro Mist Filter & Radex Airline Filter system

Advanced Filtration capacity.  RPB Radex Airline Filter exceeds industry filtration standards to provide your operators with safe, clean, breathable air. With the Radex airline filter, RPB gives you the confidence that your operators will be protected for life’s best moments by removing contaminants that are harmful to your respiratory system.


OEM SKU: 04-925

Blue Dog SKU: RPB-04-925

Radex® Micro Filter OEM Equivalents:

Pirate Brand – 407925

SMC – AMH350C-N04C

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Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 7 in