Radex™ Ambient Air Pump

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Radex™ Ambient Air Pump; RPB® Breathing Air Compressor, with both inlet and outlet filters to help protect the user from solid or liquid particulates. This means you are safe from dusts, mists or odors 0.5 micron or larger. Locate the ambient air pump in a clean air environment. Make sure the air source is somewhere that vehicles, forklifts and other machinery are not running near the air inlet. These machines will cause carbon monoxide to be drawn into the air supply. Find compatible parts and more information below:

Radex™ Air Pump / RPB® Breathing Air Compressor:


Radex™ Ambient Air Pump – Limitations

The Ambient Air Pump filters do not remove Carbon Monoxide and other dangerous organic vapors, gases, or particulates from the air pulled in. DO NOT use this pump if these are present. This Air compressor is meant to supply air that you may breath to you sealed helmet.

Hazard Limitations:

Radex™ Ambient Air Pump is NOT FOR USE if the ambient air has any of these conditions:

The air source atmosphere contains less than 19.5% Oxygen.

The air source contains hazardous gases (e.g., carbon monoxide).

The temperature is outside the range of 14°F to 140°F.


Compatible Parts:

GX4 Gas Monitor

Radex Airline Filter

Breathing Air Hose




OSHA interpretation letters explain these requirements and how they apply to particular circumstances. Take a look at this link below to stay within government guidelines.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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