Nova 3 L4™ Light System

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Nova 3 L4™ Light System provides a steady, powered by LEDs that produce up to 650 lumens of output to your field of vision. Also comes with a compact, Lightweight battery pack that mounts comfortably and securely on your belt. low-Profile design, enhancing operator control with minimum protrusion and mounts securely on the top of the Nova 3 Respirator. It provides light wherever the operator looks, eliminating the safety risks and inefficiencies associated with outdated nozzle lights.

Nova 3 L4™ Light System – Components/Parts

L4™ Complete Kit: RPB-09-502

L4™ Battery Charger: RPB-09-525

L4™ Light w/Strap and Mounting Unit (w/clip) Kit: RPB-09-512

L4™ Mounting Clip: RPB-09-520

L4™ Power Cable: RPB-09-021

L4™ Light Battery Pack: RPB-09-532-2

L4™ Outer Lens (10 Pack): RPB-09-522

** Long Lasting Li-ion battery lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge. Batteries recharge in 3-4 hours and the lightweight battery pack mounts on your belt**



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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

RPB-09-502 (Complete Light System), RPB-09-532-2 (Battery Pack), RPB-09-512 (L4 Light and Mount Kit), RPB-09-520 (Mounting Clip), RPB-09-522 (Outer Lens), RPB-09-525 (Battery Charger), RPB-09-021 (Power Cable)