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Hypodermic Needle Gauge is used to measure the abrasive blast cleaning air pressure through the hose at the blast nozzle. Don’t forget your replacement needles!

Start by inserting the needle with the sharp edge down at a 45 degree angle about an inch before the nozzle holder. Make sure to insert the needle far enough to push through the inner wall of the blast hose. Next, begin blasting and take the pressure reading once the pressure stabilizes. When you remove the gauge, the hole in the hose will seal by itself.

OEM Alternates:

  • IDS 888-2010-01403PB
  • A-BEC 177-1148
  • P & G 273-090-01, 977-000
  • Schmidt 2010-014-03
  • Axxiom 2010-014-03
  • U.S. Filter 2010-014-03

Replacement Parts:

  • 75-004 – Needles (20 pack)

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #:

  • 75-003


  • PanBlast BAC-BA-0231-01

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