Hose and Tank Coupling Gasket (10 Pack)




The Blue Dog Blasting Coupling Gasket 10 pack s are designed to fit within recess of the tank coupling and hose coupling to provide a positive seal between the connections.
Manufactured from molded natural rubber, all Coupling Gaskets feature a pliable, yet durable, hardness of 65-70 Shore.  For a nozzle gasket/washer, click here.

15-900 gaskets have a 1/2 Inch ID for small hose and tank couplings. Most of the time they will have a small crow foot.

15-901 gaskets have a 1/2 inch ID for smaller couplings.  Most of the time they will have either a small or medium crow foot.  These have a lip to them to slide and fit into the coupling.

14-902 gaskets have a 1-1/4 inch ID and is probably the most popular coupling gasket out there.  This is pretty much industry standard!  Fits standard (aka large) crow foot tank and hose couplings.

15-904 gaskets have a 1-1/4 inch ID but are made for Nylon hose couplings that have the standard size crow foot.  Use this gasket for the nylon quick couplings too.

14-905 gaskets have a 1-1/4 inch ID.  Fits standard (aka large) crow foot tank and hose couplings.

15-900 (BCG-0) made for:

  • 15-701 Steel hose coupling
  • 15-501 Threaded Steel tank coupling

15-901 (BCG-1/2) made for:

14-902 (15SBG1) made for:

15-903 (NCG-1) made for:

  • The old blue 15-601 Nylon hose coupling – no longer in stock.

15-904 (NCG-2) made for:

  • 14-601 Nylon hose coupling (NECO)
  • 15-602 Nylon hose coupling
  • 15-603 Nylon hose coupling
  • 15-604 Nylon hose coupling
  • 15-513 Nylon threaded nozzle quick coupling
  • 17-502 Nylon threaded nozzle quick coupling (50mm thread)

All Coupling Gaskets are supplied in packs of ten (10) pieces and are suitable for use with most OEM couplings available today.  Use the drop down menu to select different gaskets.  Each selection will show which of our couplings each gasket fits.

14-905 (15SBG1U) made for:

OEM Equivelents for the coupling-gasket-10-pack:

  • 14-902
    • Clemco 00850
    • Graco 17C124
    • Key Houston 11539
    • Dustless Blasting KFG 131148/001
    • Schmidt 4214-999
    • Trinco 9-02050, 9-2050
    • A-BEC 190-0605
    • Axxiom 4214-999
    • U.S. Filter 4214-999
    • Universal/Uniblast F109-018



Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

15-900, 15-901 BCG-1/2, 14-902, 15-903 NCG-1, 15-904 NCG-2, 14-905 Urethane