Deadman Control Handles

Remotely activate or deactivate your abrasive pots with a deadman control handle from Blue Dog Blasting.  This is the remote control you need to safely operate your system.  In the most simple terms, this is the on/off switch for blasting.  The deadman is located close to the nozzle so the operator can turn the machine on and off.  This is accomplished one of two ways; Pneumatically (with air) or electrically.  The Deadman Control handle also acts as a safety switch.  If you let go of the deadman for any reason (trip, fall, slip, pass out….) the system will stop so the nozzle end of the hose isn’t flailing around out of control.

All our controls are OSHA compliant and provide a “fail-to-safe” design.  We have Marco, Empire, Schmidt, and Clemco style connections.  Don’t forget your twinline or electric control cord!

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