Sandblasting Replacement Parts

Shop our selection of replacement parts to make sure your blasting gear is running at peak efficiency. Find replacement parts, replacement kits, lenses, safety equipment, coupling accessories and more. Don’t see what you need? Call 888-667-6756 or email for special ordering.

Pop up valves

Pop Ups & Seat Rings

Pop up valves and Seat Rings are parts that provide a secure seal for your blast pot. These items wear over time, and will need to be replaced once your pot starts to have issues efficiently pressurizing due to the unsecure seal.  

Sandblasting Sola 30 Inlet Valve Repair Kit

Repair/Rebuild Kits & Abrasive Screens

Choose from a wide range of kits to rebuild or repair your Air valves, Thompson grit metering valves, exhaust valves, inlet valves, and deadman control handles.

Don’t forget spare parts like washers, gaskets, pins & screws!

Sandblasting gaskets and washers are manufactured from molded natural rubber that feature a pliable, yet durable, shore hardness of 65-70.

Gaskets, Washers, Parts & Pieces