Electric Deadman Control Box


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Electric Deadman Control Box by Safe Systems®  . The electric deadman conversion box is a 1-Outlet 120/24 VAC box for electric controls only. Because compressed air travels through the twin-line to the deadman and then back to the pot; stopping the blasting process can take several seconds and increases the further away from the blast pot you get. This provides direct cut-off of abrasive and air to the blast hose in the event the operator loses control of the hose. If blasting beyond 100 feet, or if you just want a quicker shut off response, the electric deadman is the perfect upgrade to your blast process.
SAFE Systems® provides the highest performing solutions for surface preparation, based on innovative design, field tested durability, and ease of operation and maintenance.

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Safe Systems – 6911-0115

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Don’t back down from an electric conversion if you’re blasting beyond 100 feet.  In this how to video, Blue Dog Blasting shows you how easy it is to convert a pneumatic pot to an electric pot in under 5 minutes with nothing more than a wrench (and our 50-113 conversion kit!!!).


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