Safe Systems Deadman Control Switch (Electric)


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The Safe Systems Electric Deadman Control Switch allows blasters to stop blasting immediately, when and if they need to do so. This improves worker safety and reduces the amount of abrasive material waste. Give your front line blasters the control they need, without sacrificing productivity.  A smart choice when blasting beyond 100′ from the pot.

Speaking of being more than 100 feet away from the blast pot… It’s recommended that you use an electric deadman when you’re that far and farther away.  The reason is simple, electric travels faster than air.  That also means you’ll need an electric control cable instead of twinline.  Don’t worry, we carry that too!  Pick up some Enduroguard cable which is specifically made for sandblasting.

Have more control and alleviate fatigue by adding on either a Bat and Chain or a Ball and Chain.  Very easy to use with the this deadman’s toggle switch.

Features of the Safe Systems Electric Deadman Control Switch:

  • Special Design, Replaceable Strain Relief
  • Access Plate for Easy Parts Replacement
  • Replaceable Switch and Boot
  • Durable Urethane Construction
  • Switch Rated for 3/4HP, 120 Volt
  • Double Band Hose Connection


  • Safe Systems SKU# 6911-0000

Compatable Parts Reference Guide:

Blue Dog Blasting SKU #

  • 50-120

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