AirStop IV Deadman Control Handle (Empire / Schmidt)


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Our AirStop IV deadman control handle is a pneumatically operated, non air-bleed control handle designed for use with Empire, Graco, or Schmidt style systems.  This style dead man is recommended with twin line hose systems up to 100 ft.  If you need to work with longer lengths than that, we suggest going to an electric style deadman.

The deadman remotely starts and stops blasting by acting as an on/off switch on the twin line.  Pressurized air flows through the twin line (aka duel line) and tells controls at the pot, like a Combo valve, or an inlet valve to allow blasting to get done.  The dead man allows this pressurized air to flow.  The AirStop 4 Deadman Control Handle is made to mimic Schmidt style deadman handles with a push button on the side.  You’ll also see this style on the Greener Blast Technologies Blasters.

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Features of the AirStop IV Deadman Control Handle:

Two size threaded ends, 1/4″ and 1/8″ to match Empire and Schmidt and Graco.

Safety button to initiate blasting.

Compliant to OSHA 1915:34(c)(1)(IV)

Repair kit available 50-110

OEM Equivalent:

Schmidt 2263-002

Graco 17D788

IDS 888-2263-002PB

Axxiom 2263-002

U.S. Filter 2263-002

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7 in