Empire DiCarb™ Brass Nozzles with 1-1/4″ Brass Thread


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1-1/4″ Brass Venturi Blast Nozzles is a sandblasting nozzle by Empire Abrasive Equipment with Brass Jacket and brass threads. Empire’s trademarked DiCarb™ Nozzles have Tungsten carbide liners which make their blast nozzles very durable. In addition, tungsten carbide nozzles are many times harder than your traditional ceramic nozzles and better suited for the use of aggressive abrasives. If you are using abrasive media such as coal slag, steel shot, or other hard cutting medias this would be an ideal choice. Furthermore Brass Sandblasting Nozzles because of its unique properties are very corrosion resistant. All Nozzles come with nozzle washers.


1-1/4″ Brass Venturi Blast Nozzles Sku:

#3 Nozzle: 3/16″ ID, 4″ Length – 501662 (Model: DCV-3)

#4 Nozzle: 1/4″ ID, 5″ Length – 501672 (Model: DCV-4)

#5 Nozzle: 5/16″ ID, 6″ Length – 501682 (Model: DCV-5)

#6 Nozzle: 3/8″ ID, 6-3/4″ Length – 501692 (Model: DCV-6)

#7 Nozzle: 7/16″ ID, 8″ Length – 501702 (Model: DCV-7)

#8 Nozzle: 1/2″ ID, 9-1/4″ Length – 501712 (Model: DCV-8)


1-1/4″ Brass Venturi Blast Nozzle PDF Chart Below:

Empire Venturi Tungstun Carbide with Brass Jacket


Empire DCV series


OEM Equivalent:

  • Kennametal – TLVE-3
  • IDS Blast – TLVE-3
  • Pirate Brand – 501-662


Beware of using brass threaded nozzles with brass nozzle couplings as they may become fused and inseparable over time. Instead, consider using a Nylon Nozzle Coupling or Aluminum Nozzle Couplings. Be sure that the coupling that you choose to use, if not from us, butts up to the nozzle for a tight seal to the blast hose.


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