Tungsten Carbide Straight Bore Nozzle with Steel Jacket and 3/4″ NPSM Threads


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The 3/4 thread tungsten carbide straight bore nozzle is made for close-range spot blasting. With small blast patterns and little over-blast, they are good for cleaning small areas such as weldments, grill work, and railings.  These nozzles ares ideal for small capacity blast pots and pressure cabinets.  If you have a larger blaster, we also have straight bore nozzles in 1-1/4″ threads.

3/4 thread tungsten carbide straight bore nozzle features:

Steel Jacket

Steel Threads

3/4″ – 14 N.P.S.M. threads

1-1/32″ wide x 1-5/8″ long

Comes with a rubber washer

Compatible nozzle holder for the 3/4 Thread Nozzles:

Make sure you use the correct nozzle holder.  These nozzles have 3/4″ in threads unlike our 1-1/4″ nozzles.  Use our 3/4″ nylon nozzle holder, or our 3/4″ aluminum nozzle holder.

10-120 (1/2″ nozzle entry) is the replacement rubber washer.  Sold as a 10 pack.


Kennametal MFG# T106.

Blue Dog Blasting SKU:

11-903, 11-904, 11-905, 11-906, 11-907, and 11-909.

Tungsten Carbide nozzles will last 14 times longer than a ceramic nozzle and is a great choice for most blast medias.  They are not hard enough to hold up to Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide however.  You will definitely want one of our 3/4″ Boron nozzles for those applications.  Learn more about nozzle material.



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