Empire® Premium Blast Nozzles

Empire® Premium Blast Nozzle

Empire® premium blast nozzles (DiCarb™), available in three basic nozzle designs with a wide selection suited for each specific task: straight-bore, Venturi and angle nozzles. Tungsten Carbide Liner internals. Available with both brass or aluminum threads. Great for dry or wet sandblasting, designed for peak performance assuring safety and durability.

Empire Abrasive Equipment
Empire® Premium Blast Nozzles

Empire specializes in the design and manufacture of air-blast equipment and continues as an industry leader for almost 75 years.  Today, Empire produces the most extensive line of air-blast products in the world.

Empire Abrasive Equipment Company’s reputation as a leader in air-blast technology is the result of meeting our customer’s demand for quality equipment and systems that deliver increased productivity.

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