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CFM Consumption Chart

How Much Air Do You Need For Your Abrasive Blast Process?

Return How Much Air Do You Need For Your Abrasive Blast Process? Abrasive Blast Process Air Consumption FAQs When it comes to air consumption for your abrasive blast process, how much is enough? How much compressed air do you really need for sandblasting? What are the correct blasting air requirements for your project? What size hose and nozzle is best for the size of your compressor and pot?This blog will answer those exact questions and ...
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Farrow Flow Insert Test Screenshot

Operator Review of Farrow Flow® Insert for Abrasive Blasting

Return Operator Review of Farrow Flow® Insert for Abrasive Blasting If someone told you they could install a product on my sandblast equipment in minutes, and it would both improve your production by at least 25% and create a wider blast pattern, what would you say? If it were me a few weeks ago, I would say “That’s not possible.”  That was my exact reaction when I was approached recently by a sandblaster who told ...
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Double Venturi video screenshot

Double Venturi Nozzle

The tungsten carbide double venturi nozzle offers a 35% larger blast pattern than a standard long venturi. This is accomplished with only a slight loss in abrasive velocity. These nozzles are designed to be used on jobs where medium cutting action is required. They offer a more even dispersion of abrasive throughout the larger blast pattern. Excellent for plastic or agricultural abrasives. Also great when anodizing or powder coating.
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Long Venturi Nozzle video screenshot

Long Venturi Nozzle

The long venturi nozzle offers a 40% increase in production over a straight bore nozzle. Made with a protective polyurethane jacket, these nozzles are obviously built for physically demanding operations.
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XL Nozzle You Tube Screenshot

SiALON XL Long Venturi Nozzle – Rust Removal

This high-performance SiAION XL nozzle with Aluminum Jacket is made of a lightweight SiAION material that offers service life and durability similar to tungsten carbide at only half the weight. In other words, SiAlON is perfect for long jobs.
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Sunblast Nozzle Comparison Trial You Tube Screenshot

Nozzle Comparison with Rust Removal

This test features the XL Performance Nozzle, Double Venturi Nozzle and the Long Venturi Nozzle. Each is being fed 90 PSI with an Empire 650 XL Sandblast Pot.
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