SiALON XL Long Venturi Nozzle - Rust Removal

SiALON Nozzle Description

SiALON XL Long Venturi Nozzle – with Aluminum Jacket is made of a lightweight ,ceramic based, silicon, aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen material. Also, these nozzles offer service life and durability similar to tungsten carbide at only half the weight.

Nozzles with this design accelerate your media over a longer distance. With that being said, because the media achieves higher exit velocities, you can stand further away from the targeted surface. Subsequently, the larger blast pattern will increase you production rate as well.

It is recommended that nozzles with aluminum threads, like these, are not to be used with aluminum nozzle holders as they will become stuck or inseparable.  Instead, try using our Nylon Nozzle Holders for 1-1/4″ Threads.  This is not for use with steel grit. For steel grit, please consider one of our Boron nozzles.

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SiALON XL Long Venturi Nozzle YouTube Video Link & Image

SiALON XL Long Venturi Nozzle