Tungsten Carbide Short Venturi Nozzle with Nylon Jacket and 1-1/4″ NPSM Brass Threads

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These Tungsten Carbide Short Venturi Nozzle s offer the widest possible pattern at close range.  Use these nozzles when blasting 12″ or less from the surface.  Perfect for blast cabinets or other close blasting operations.

Tungsten Carbide Short Venturi Nozzle OEM:

  • Kennametal T121-P series – Short venturi.

Blue Dog Blasting SKU’s:

11-600, 11-601, 11-602, 11-603, 10-604 and 11-605 are all 3-3/8″ long – short venturi nozzles that give the widest blast pattern less than 12″ away.


All of these nozzles have brass 1-1/4 threads and poly/urethane jacketing.  It is NOT recommended to use a brass nozzle holder with these brass threaded nozzles.  Instead, please consider purchasing a Nylon Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads or an Aluminum Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads to accommodate these nozzles.

Tungsten Carbide stands up to most blasting medias without any advanced wear.  If you are blasting with silicon carbide, steel grit, or aluminum oxide, please consider a Boron Carbide nozzle instead.

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(11-600)(#3) 3/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (11-601)(#4) 1/4" ID, 3-1/2"" Length,, (11-602)(#5) 5/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (11-603)(#6) 3/8" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (10-604)(#7) 7/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (11-605)(#8) 1/2" ID, 3-1/2" Length