Tungsten Carbide Double Venturi Nozzle with Aluminum Jacket and 2″ Contractor (50mm) Threads




Double venturi sandblasting nozzle. The tungsten carbide abrasive nozzle offers a 35% larger blast pattern than a standard sandblasting nozzle with only a slight loss in abrasive velocity.  Excellent for plastic or agricultural abrasives.  Great nozzles for use before anodizing or powder coating.  These nozzles feature an aluminum jacket and aluminum 2″ contractor threads. You want to use contractor threads because there is less chance of cross threading or mangling up threads because they are so big and it is easier to thread to couplings.

2″ Contractor thread nozzle holders:


  • 10-500, 10-501, 10-502, 10-503, 10-504

More info:

Double Venturi Sandblasting Nozzles

Designed to be used on jobs where medium cutting action is required with a more even dispersion of abrasive throughout the larger blast pattern.


If you are ever curious as to what are the safety regulations in your area check out this link to Osha Abrasive Blasting fact sheets!!

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(#4) 1/4", 6-1/4" Length, (#5) 5/16" ID, 6" Length, (#6) 3/8" ID, 6-7/8" Length, (#7) 7/16" ID, 8-1/16" Length, (#8) 1/2" ID, 9" Length