Tungsten Carbide Short Straight Bore Nozzle w/ Nylon Jacket & Brass Threads





Sandblasting straight bore nozzle Kennametal T122-P Series


Tungsten Carbide Straight Bore Nozzles engineered by Kennametal. T122-P series nozzles do not taper inside the nozzle like Short Venturi or long Venturi nozzles. Unlike the Short Venturi the inner path is a straight and narrow line. Straight bore nozzles deliver a tight stream of blasting media in a concentrated pattern with little over-blast.  This makes them the best option when spot blasting, weld-shaping, and other intricate work.  Also great for railings!  Due to the narrow nature of this stream, this is not designed for larger surfaces.  You may even want to use these nozzles when blasting 12″ or less from the surface.  These work great in blast cabinets as well!

OEM Tungsten Carbide Straight Bore Nozzle Sku:

Kennametal T122-P series – Straight Bore, polyurethane jacket, 1-1/4″ brass threads.

Blue Dog Blasting SKU’s:

11-910 (#3) 3/16 in.

11-911 (#4) 1/4 in.

11-912 (#5) 5/16 in.

11-913 (#6) 3/8 in.

11-914 (#7) 7/16 in.

11-915 (#8) 1/2 in.


TC Short Straight Bore Nozzle OEM Equivalents:


  • 11-910: IDS T122-3P, Blastline 2082230, Empire 501392/14016, Pirate Brand 501-392, A-Bec 200-0039, Cesco T122-3P, Big A’s Place 2082230/T122-3P
  • 11-911: IDS T122-4P, Blastline 2082240, Empire 501402/14017, Pirate Brand 501-402, A-Bec 200-0040, Cesco T122-4P, Big A’s Place 2082240/T122-4P
  • 11-912: IDS T122-5P, Blastline 2082250, Empire 501412/14018, Pirate Brand 501-412, A-Bec 200-0041, Cesco T122-5P, Big A’s Place 2082250/T122-5P
  • 11-913: IDS T122-6P, Blastline 2082260, Empire 501422/14019, Pirate Brand 501-422, A-Bec 200-0042, Cesco T122-6P, Big A’s Place 2082260/T122-6P
  • 11-914: IDS T122-7P, Blastline 2082270, Empire 501432/14020, Pirate Brand 501-432,  A-Bec 200-0043, Cesco T122-7P, Big A’s Place 2082270/T122-7P
  • 11-915: IDS T122-8P, Blastline 2082280, Empire 501442/14021, Pirate Brand 501-442, A-Bec 200-0044, Cesco T122-8P, Big A’s Place 2082280/T122-8P

Recommendations for prop use of Brass Threaded Nozzles:

These Tungsten Carbide Straight Bore Nozzle’s are threaded in 1-1/4″ Brass Threads. As a word of caution, DO NOT use a brass nozzle holder with these brass threaded nozzles.  Instead, please consider purchasing a Nylon Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads or an Aluminum Nozzle Coupling with 1-1/4 threads to accommodate these nozzles.

Tungsten Carbide stands up to most blasting medias without any advanced wear. With that being said, if you are blasting with silicon carbide, steel grit, or aluminum oxide, please consider a Boron Carbide nozzle instead.  Contact us as the Boron equivalent is not listed on our site yet.

Learn more about Straight Bore Nozzles:

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in

(#3) 3/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (#4) 1/4" ID, 3-1/2"" Length,, (#5) 5/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (#6) 3/8" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (#7) 7/16" ID, 3-1/2" Length, (#8) 1/2" ID, 3-1/2" Length